About Us
What We Are
We are a licensed Hire Car company specialising in weddings, picnics and tours. We have a fleet of vintage Cadillac-LaSalle cars and are based in the upper Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia.
Range of Operation
Our standard range of operation is from Springwood to Mt Victoria, but we are prepared to work outside that range, if requested. Additional costs may be required depending on the pick-up and drop-off points outside our standard operating range.
Our Drivers
All our drivers are licensed Hire Car drivers. They will be dressed in a uniform of dress pants, dress shirt, dress shoes, vest and tie.
Food and Drinks
The consumption of food and drinks in Hire Cars is prohibited by law in NSW. However, we provide sparkling wine and snacks for the wedding couple during the photo shoot and always have a supply of bottled water for the wedding party. Special requests can be catered for at additional cost.
Vehicle Accessories
For our wedding service, all cars will be decorated with white satin ribbons and there is a red carpet to keep dresses clean as passengers alight the car for the ceremony. We also carry First Aid kits, emergency sewing kits, wipes and sanitiser, in case of emergency and umbrellas are available in case of inclement weather.
All our cars are maintained to the highest standards and are regularly serviced. Vintage engines are much simpler than their modern equivalents and although our youngest cars are 87 years old, their engines were renowned for their reliability and longevity, which is one of the reasons they are still operational after so long. As part of the restoration process, all the engines in our fleet were reconditioned, so we're hopeful they're good for another 87 years.
However, given the age of the vehicles, there is no guarantee that problems will not arise in the course of their hire. If something were to occur, we would dispatch another member of our fleet, depending on availability, to ensure the day continued as planned.
As our vehicles were manufactured before the advent of seatbelts, they are not required to have them installed. However, given the moderate speeds with which we travel for weddings, tours and picnics and the construction of the vehicles, there is no more risk than travelling in modern vehicles.
Please be aware, though, there are legal restrictions regarding travel in our vehicles: persons under the age of 16 cannot travel as a front seat passenger in a vehicle without seatbelts and children under the age of 7 cannot travel in any vehicle unless there is a properly fitted child restraint. Unfortunately, this means that no-one under the age of 7 can travel in our vehicles.
As Elegant Now As
They Were Then